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Starts May 11th.

During our free,
5-day Live Masterclass,
you will:

  • ​Gain clarity on how to grow your business powerfully during these times by aligning your messaging and offering with current client needs
  • ​Learn how to navigate any fear about current circumstances and neutralize your emotions while living with passion
  • Make hard decisions for your business with ease and purpose
  • Differentiate yourself as a professional even more powerfully in an ever-changing environment 
  • ​Create momentum to step powerfully into a new era of business
It’s time for us as professional women to embody a new way to navigate fear about the economy, shift confusion over what’s needed for a highly successful services business right now, and eliminate the dull ache of ‘never enough’ revenue. 

Right now, people are collectively becoming aware of the new business era that has been upon us for several years. The institutions we once thought were invincible have actually been crumbling. We’ve been living in disconnection with ourselves, with each other and with the planet. 

As I guide you through the Business Re-Imagined Method, you will re-evaluate what you previously thought couldn’t be changed in your business to reveal opportunities you didn’t even know were there to earn more revenue, free up your time and have more fun. This is the path to feeling fulfilled in your business.  



begins May 11th!

Here’s what our clients are saying:

“My work with Sloane has opened the door to my best 60 days ever in revenue!” 
- Tina Hughes

“Sloane is amazing at helping uplevel people’s thinking, business and way of life. She’s a grounding force who helps you push through fear.” 
- Angela Schmit

“Sloane is very adept at assessing what’s hindering your success and at giving advice on how to improve it.”
- Deanne Pierce

Are You A Warrior of the Heart?

A Warrior of the Heart is someone who cultivates a tender heart and fierce convictions.

She is a woman who is learning how to live fearlessly in life and business.

Who is Sloane?

Sloane, as CEO of Warriors of the Heart, has guided thousands of women worldwide into their greatness in all aspects of business, lifestyle, and pleasure.

Sloane previously built a corporate law firm in Santa Monica, California with over 400 clients focusing on business strategy and mindset. She then sold her firm as it became clear her true gift is guiding women into and through meaningful change while upleveling their pleasure and business profitability.

Sloane has been featured in, on ABC and on podcasts around the world.
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